How long will it take? Our current estimated shop time can be found on our front page. Typically we will need 1-2 business days from the day we receive the shoes in our shop. Once they’re finished and paid for, we’ll ship them out right away via USPS Priority Mail which normally takes 2-3 postal days for delivery. Please keep in mind we like to keep the shoes a day or two in our shop after they are resoled to allow them to cure properly. This factors in to the estimated shop time.

Will the fit and size of the shoe change?: We try our best to maintain the fit and size of the shoe. However, due to the nature of resoling (which involves fitting the shoe with a mold, stripping the old rubber, putting a new allpokies rand and sole on, and then shaping the edges), slight changes may occur. Synthetic shoes rarely stretch and remain consistent, but leather shoes which naturally stretch over time can experience up to 1/4 to 1/2 size change at most. This is the truth with all resolers and customers should be aware of this.

Do you provide warranty on your work?: If you experience any problems inconsistent with regular wear and tear, please contact us and we will be happy to take a look at it and work something out with you. We have a very high customer satisfaction rate due to our legendary service. We will inspect it and take care of the problem. Sometimes a reasonable fee may be charged. As the sport of climbing is based on mutual trust, please take care of your shoes and have reasonable expectations.

La Sportiva No Edge Technology? We can resole no edge shoes but we do not currently perform no-edge resoles. If you send us a Genius or a Futura, it will come back to you with a proper edge. If you want them back without an edge we will happily wear your shoes for the next month to make them round again before sending them back to you (We’re kidding. We can grind the edge to a curve if that’s really what you want).

RAND? The BEST thing to do is trust us and allow us to check out the shoe and make the decision whether or not to fix the rand. If you’re still not sure, feel free to give us a call!

What is a rand?: The rand is the thin rubber piece that wraps around the toe box above the sole of the shoe. Through face or crack climbing and regular contact with rock, the rands wear out and eventually need fixing. Ideally you want to have your shoes resoled before the sole wears out and begins wearing into the rand.

How do I know if I need my rand repaired? FYI, about 80% of the shoes we receive need rand work. If you can see a hole in the rand or upper fabric, you need rand work. However sometimes we may need to fix the rands even if there are no holes visible.

If there are no visible holes, will it need rand work? Sometimes. If you notice (by look or feel) any weak spots or indentations on the rand right where the sole meets the rands, the rands may need to be replaced. The thin feeling means that the rand has worn thin and could be ready to burst. If it’s that thin and we resole them without doing the rands, they may blow through shortly and your brand new resole becomes useless.

Can you replace the rands without fixing the sole?: No. We need to resole the soles to fix the rands since the rands wrap underneath the soles.