DO MY RANDS NEED TO BE REPLACED? If your shoes resemble the shoes shown in images 1 and 2, the rands will need replacing. In IMAGE 1, you can see a hole starting to form in the rand. In IMAGE 2, it is clear that the rand has worn through as you can see the material of the upper. It is very important that you get your shoes resoled before you blow through the uppers in order to maintain the shoe’s structural integrity. In IMAGE 3, there is no visible hole in the rand but you can see a small crease at the bottom of the rand which could mean the rand is wearing thin. At this point, it isn’t absolutely necessary to replace the rands but is recommended. Your rands may “look” fine and you might decide that only the outsole need replacing, however, we’ve seen it time and time again, where the rands will blow after only a few more climbing sessions forcing the customer to send their shoes back to us to get the ands as well as the outsole replaced, again. Lastly, it is best to replace both rands at the same time to prevent uneven wear.


HOW DOES THE RESOLE PROCESS WORK? The first step in the resole process is to remove the outsole from the shoe. In IMAGE 4, you can see that
only half the outsole has been removed. A full outsole replacement is rarely ever needed but can be done if requested. After the outsole has been
removed, the rand is thoroughly inspected and is also removed if in need of repair. Next, we go through the meticulous process of cleaning any
leftover glue or residue to create a smooth surface so that we can start rebuilding the shoe starting with the rand. IMAGE 5 shows the shoe with
a newly replaced rand. Finally, the outsole is applied as shown in IMAGE 6 and the edges are carefully sanded and brushed to the shoe’s original