Trax Rubber

TRAX® Rubber (

TRAX rubber focuses on providing excellent performance on rock. When formulating our climbing shoe rubber, the following factors are emphasized: Traction (Friction and Grip) and Hardness and Durability

  1. Traction (Friction and Grip) – TRAX rubber not only has excellent friction, it provides “grip” as well. Grip is the result of deformation of the rubber allowing it to surround the irregularities of the rock surface. This effect provides more surface contact with the rock and adds the ability to effectively push against the irregularities of the surface.
  2. Hardness and Durability – Having good friction alone is not sufficient for a climbing shoe rubber. The rubber sole must also have the optimum level of hardness for precision edging and the ability to hold the weight of the climber while still having friction and grip. TRAX is very durable and can endure the continuous abuse that the rubber sole undergoes during climbing.
  3. Have your own rubber? – If you have your own rubber from a resole kit that you want us to use, send it to us and take $7 off the resole. We’re happy to work with you!